Q When clicking on Relax Mode or Timer Mode, my device shows no "Nearby Devices". What do I do?

A This happens sometimes to particular devices and we are not sure why. We have seen that if another device invites your device, you will still receive an invitation to the game and be able to play as normal.

Q I tried to use my dictionary in the middle of a game and my view got messed up. What should I do?

A We have found that rotating to the opposite orientation and rotating back fixes most bugs that happen to the view. If not, please let us know.

Q Am I supposed to pass my device around to play Together Tales?

A No game in Together Tales requires you to give your device to anyone else. Story text is sent wirelessly to other devices, either over a local connection or over email.

Q My game won't stay connected. What's wrong?

A Some people report that turning wifi off and forcing the use of bluetooth improves the connection.

Q We lost the connection in our game and i'm sitting here with my great story in front me - what now?

A To take your story into another game, you can "long press" on the story, choose "select all", which copies the story to the clipboard on the phone. Then connect to a new game, and long press to paste your interrupted story in.

Q In Relax Mode, all other players pressed "Receive" except me. Then they typed and pressed "Send". When I finally clicked "Receive", a story got lost, where'd it go?

A If you fail to click "Receive" after everyone else has clicked "Receive" and is already sending stories, then a story swapping backup occurs and you will lose a story and get double of another story. Staying at a reasonable pace with others, namely pressing Receive when you can will make things run smoothly.

Q I didn't type anything in my story and then what I saw on screen didn't get sent to the next person. What happened?

A In Relax Mode, a keystroke is what causes the story to be sent to be updated. If you never type a thing, then the previous story is what ends up getting sent. Make sure you type at least something!


Q What are some other ways to play Together Tales besides what is listed in the instructions?

A In Relax Mode and Timer Mode, after doing a first round, each person press "Read" until all players have the same story up. Start a second round with all players continuing this same story. It is interesting to see all the directions the story will go.

Q Are there other uses for Together Tales besides writing silly stories?

A We think collaborate mode is useful for brainstorming back and forth about any topic.

Q Any more tips for successful story making?

A We think it's nice to have a foundation to run on with the story making. For example, have a story be similar to an essay, where each turn a person is contributing a paragraph to an essay on a particular topic.


Q What exactly IS a "Story Starter"?

A A Story Starter is a snippet of text that can serve to be the beginnings of a story. Ranging from a few words to a couple sentences, Story Starters attempt to give you a road to run on for writing a story. Used by those who are drawing a blank at story writing time, or those who want some outside inspiration.


Practice english grammar while you create your story.