Plan-It of the Apps

Plan your next App using Plan-It of the Apps. Extra organization improves the development process for developers designing an App, or helps people who have an App Idea to hand their idea off to a developer.

Record your next App Idea on the Brainstorming page. Jot down ideas, consider your target audience. Use the in-app audio recorder to keep App Idea brainstorming in audio form.
List project tasks on the To Do page. Choose due dates for entries you want to have done by a certain time. Sort list items by date added, due date, alphabetical, completed.

Detail your storyboard structure on the Storyboard Sketchboard. Draw diagrams and save them to a collection (to additionally re-paste and edit later).

View the UI page to see a few user interface items that you may want to use in your App Idea.

Use the Graphics Sketchboard page to plan your App look. Paste in background images from outside locations.

Decide specific RGB values using the RGB's page. This page lets you draw, and optionally shows the RGB values of the colors you are using.

Choose the color palette of your App Idea on the Palette page. See random sets of colors, or input your own colors. Then select Blend to see a gradient of them. And store the ones you want to save.

Design your App or Company logo with drawing tools on the Logo page.

On the Images page, store images related to your App that you want to have close at hand such as pictures of your icon, launch image, and screenshots.

Make and save a tune using a provided simple keyboard.

Write your App description draft and perfect it. Character count is provided to insure the limit is not exceeded.

Choose App keywords and view character count.

Keep track of needed files. Record names, locations, and uses.

List name ideas and final name for under your App icon.

Record your App's bundle ID and SKU numbers.

Decide on your App's deployment target, release date, and cost.

Record App testing results, along with information regarding the testing scenarios.

Save a list of bug fixes and future plans for updates to your App.

Record App Store reviews and user suggestions.

Email entire App Ideas to others in a Plan-It of the Apps file (.poa) to be opened by other users of Plan-It of the Apps. Use the file sharing feature to collaborate with others in making a new App.

One sample App Idea included.

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Available on iPad and iPhone

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